Above the Clouds - the complete graphic novel!

Created by Melissa Pagluica

Intertwines two stories -- a hero who must save a dying world and a girl who must convince an author to finish what he started. A 268+ page graphic novel by Melissa Pagluica.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Preview of Cian's character sheet + news!
11 months ago – Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 11:44:27 PM

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Thank you so much! We did it!
12 months ago – Thu, Oct 04, 2018 at 09:38:17 PM

Thank you guys so much for helping to make this possible. There was no way I could have done this alone. My friends who helped volunteer their time, advice, and expertise, thank you so much. To my fiancé who was a huge cheerleader and motivational support. 

And most of all, thank YOU! Thank you for believing in this project. When I started Above the Clouds, I had no idea what was in store and how it would change my life. It's an amazing feeling to start a project and see it all the way to the end. It's even more exciting when there are so many who want to be part of the process.


Now that the campaign is done, now what?

I've made a schedule graph of what needs to be done that will be updated frequently. There is tons more to do and I plan on updating you every step of the way. By the end it might feel like a behind the scenes of what goes into making a graphic novel into a physical book.

All right, back to work! Till the next update!

Reminder for International Supporters
12 months ago – Wed, Oct 03, 2018 at 09:12:46 PM

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Above the Clouds reaches 1000 backers! 22 hours to go!
12 months ago – Wed, Oct 03, 2018 at 05:02:53 PM

Above the Clouds is in the last 24 hours of the campaign. When I started this quest, I had no idea what to expect or what the outcome would be.

My funding goal was at $12,000 and I thought "If I can just get some form of the book, even if it's softcover (the bare bones), I'll be happy! Because it will mark the end of a really long impactful project that changed my life."

Thank you so much. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am that you want to see ATC as a book. Not only that, but that you want it to be the BEST book it can be. 

1000 backers! 1000! You are giving this indie creator a heart attack.




Now that we are in the last stretch of the campaign, please help share Above the Cloud's campaign link! Tell them time is running out if they want a copy!



On the last day, I want to call attention to a creator who has been super helpful in helping to give advice when I was putting my Kickstarter together. Miles Greb!

He is a really good guy, the kind that wants to see everyone around him succeed.  I've worked with him as a cover artist for his past project ESPERS, and now he has just launched a new campaign titled  PUC THE ARTISThttp://kck.st/2QmwFye

Puc the Artist is a story about friendship, learning one's place in the grand scheme of things, and adventure.

You can find out more about Puc the Artist over at : http://kck.st/2QmwFye

The countdown begins! A few things to keep in mind...
12 months ago – Mon, Oct 01, 2018 at 08:45:43 PM

Only a few more days to go before the end of the campaign!  We are one step closer to starting the printing process of Above the Clouds. 

For current backers, here is a check list to keep in mind:

I estimate there will be close to 900 backers for this project who will be eagerly waiting for the book. It will just be me (along with volunteers) fulfilling your orders so to help speed up the process please make sure your information is accurate and ready to go. 

What to expect once the Kickstarter ends

The first step will be finishing the Extra Content and implementing the last of the edits to the FINAL FILE to be submitted to the printers. I'm budgeting 1 month for this process in which the final file will be then be submitted.

I'll be updating you with a graphic showing the estimated time frame of what needs to be done and a turn around for when I can finally start shipping out the books! TONS of updates of each printing stage will be posted.

 Please keep in mind that delays are possible (for instance, a color edit  or a mistake found in the file needs to be corrected once a sample has been delivered - pushing the delivery time back. You will be informed if this happens!).

On the backend I've been a super busy bee

  • I'm making sure Backerkit for Above the Clouds is ready to go, so if there is anything you missed in Kickstarter you'll have a chance to add it there. 
  • Note that the sketch tier will not be available as an add on or as a preorder item. It's just for KS backers! (This applies to international preorders).
  • US backers - if you're getting the book only and decide to upgrade to Priority Mail in Backerkit I will automatically include any rewards (such as postcards) as I won't be restricted  by Media Mail policies outlined by the USPS.
  • PREORDERS made in BackerKit do not automatically get rewards. That's only for my Kickstarter backers!

Thank you so much for helping this indie artist realize a dream of making a book! Excited to be at this last stage.

If you have any questions please post below!